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Review of East of Eden by John Steinbeck Essay

John Steinbeck utilized his youth growing up in the Salinas Valley as the background for his 1952 novel, East of Eden. Similar to the Garden of Eden, the Salinas Valley is lush and fertile in some areas like the Trask ranch although additional areas are dry and bare like the Hamilton's land. Steinbeck "wrote the narrative of good and bad, adopting love and hate, demonstrating their inseparability" (Krávlová 51). He generates an allegory for the story of Cain and Abel who follow three generations that, despite the fate given them, pick their own destiny. In spite of original sin, the persistent motif of timshel destroys the determinism of the Cain and Abel allegory in John Steinbeck's novel, East of Eden. The Hebrew word, timshel, plays a critical role in the principal subject of overcoming evil permanently. Lee argues, "[I] t might be the most significant word in the world" (301). It's the only thing that gives the characters hope to turn out acceptable, despite all the terrible things that they do. Timshel is the start and the conclusion of the narrative. "Steinbeck gifts characters from pairs - Adam and Charles, Aron along with Caleb, Abra and Cathy - using first ribbon to identify clearly which personalities are inherently good and that must battle to conquer the seeds of evil within them" (Strecker). Charles and Adam Trask are first presented in Part One of the novel. They are the first pair Steinbeck applications to present the Cain and Abel allegory. Charles (Cain) is a "destructive device that chops down anything standing in their own manner" (44). Adam (Abel) is naturally form and well enjoyed by everybody, especially their dad. Adam's tragic flaw is that he trusts too readily and is not able to see people for who they truly are. Adam is "very honest and real but h.. .

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