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Learning Disabilities Assessment and Interventions Essay

The subject of assessment alone raises many debated discussions, among teachers, and to add Special Education pupils into the polemical dialogue intensifies the debate. As a result, there are several alternative methods in appraising Special Education students within the learning atmosphere. Professionals have established specifically designated methods in helping these and all students attain academic success. The writers, Peter Wright and Pamela Darr Wright, of the article Tests and Measurements for the Parent, Teacher, Advocate and Attorney; discuss several assessment approaches but not one more polemical than standard referenced and criterion referenced tests (2007). For instance, Criterion-Referenced Tests are the most frequent testing used by instructors in discovering if their students have learned that the content material being taught. This kind of testing does not necessarily help students with special needs because it does not determine true understanding. However, there are other assessment approaches that may greatly help students with special needs. The Pacer Center has additionally identified in this article that the importance of evaluation and assessment methods (2007). The initial type of appraisal is and should be utilized is performance based; for example, individual portfolios which can illustrate a student’s strengths and weaknesses throughout a class. Teachers have to be cognitive of the fact that portfolios need to demonstrate that a student’s greatest work in properly assessing their academic advancement. In other words it isn't an assessment tool to assess every mission done by the student. Although portfolios are utilized by teachers in a variety of manners the most effective use is to exhibit a student’s preeminent.

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