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Das Experiment Essay

"Das Experiment" is based on a 1970's experimentation referred to as "The Stanford County Prison" experiment. A research done to see if the social structure of a prison affects the behavior of guards and prisoners as well as the understanding of the functions. Since the scientists trusted and soon learned to fear, the volunteers instantly fell into their, anticipated, functions. The guards abused their power along with the offenders let loose what tugged them into their reality as humans. The research was discontinued before the two weeks, but it proved to be too late. A bunch of volunteers is broken up into guardians and offenders in a prison. The guards slip into uniforms complete with night sticks, whistles, and handcuffs, although the offenders strip down to nothing but shirts and trade in their names for numbers. The college basement is become a panopticon: the guards have been overseeing the offenders while the scientists are seeing everything on movie displays. In a fascist reality, surveillance is anywhere: total control. Both groups are exhorted to follow these rules: the offenders must comply, and the guards would be to maintain order and peace. Regardless of what, there's to be absolutely no violence. Everybody's still cracking jokes, however, some men are wearing boots and many others flip-flops... Tarek, the direct from the movie, a cab driver with a hidden agenda is mobile mates with two others. Tarek isn't just engaging for the money that the pigs are to receive for their participation; he is still a journalist looking for a story. A story that might give him a break into the business he worked. He also ridicules the guards and forces a lively prison riot so as to get a fantastic story, this hastens the effects of the prison immensely. A subtle choreography of feelings t.. .

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