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William Shakespeare- Mysterious Romantic Article

William Shakespeare- Mysterious Romantic Within an anonymous April nighttime, in 1564, at a Beautiful home in Henley St. in the serene town of Stratford, England Isle of Wight, Mary Arden and John Shakespeare gave light into some poet, that would later be Known as a Literary Genius. Who's William Shakespeare? The known facts of Shakespeare's life are few, but almost four hundred years after his death, William Shakespeare's art continues to inspire his readers. Much of Shakespeare's praise is due to the great words of his brief sonnet poems, and how Shakespeare is able to apply almost indescribable feelings into divine words. A sonnet is a fourteen-line poem, which Shakespeare traditionally wrote in iambic pentameter. During his life Shakespeare composed a total of 154 sonnets. All of his sonnets project some point or aspect of love. Still, Shakespeare's love life is a very contradicting topic that has become the subject of recurring disagreement. Even if the world lacks information about Shakespeare, his sonnets are evidence of his or her sexuality. What readers fail to realize while they exude his sonnets for their own real life relationships is that Shakespeare was continuously defying the conventions of courtly love in his writings. That is the reason it may be deduced that the main theme of Shakespeare's sonnets is love and the way it reflects his sexuality. The creativity of Shakespeare's sonnets is clearly displayed through his first seventeen sonnets, or the Procreation Sonnets. They're composed to a young guy, called the 'Fair Lord' or 'Fair Youth'. Throughout these sonnets Shakespeare is advocating and advocating his magnificent buddy to get married and begin a family, thereby passing his beauty to the next generation. It's...

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