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Emotion and Feeling at Lord Byron's Poetry Essay

The genre of poetry itself generates connotations based about raw feelings, particularly when contemplating poetry from the Romanticism era. Furthermore, poetry which is based on feelings (whether negative or positive) is what makes it successful at evoking a more private reaction from your reader. When researching poetry references like 'The English Poetic Mind' by Charles Williams, he says the way when 'We are told of something; we're made to feel like something were possible to us; and we're so made to sense it-whatever the thing could be, despair or joy...knowledge is an intense satisfaction to us '1. This statement supports the idea that a certain emotion must be within a poem, which means if the reader is able to relate to it, the poem is more effective. However, these quotes encourage the significance of emotion inside poetry, but what about the value of emotion within the poet? Throughout this essay, Lord Byron is going to be the main poet of focus, as his notorious lifestyle suggests that true emotion may happen to be his weakness. His poems 'Fare Thee Well!' (written 18 March 1816: From Poems (1816)) and 'When both parted' (composed August or September 1815: By Poems (1816)) are also the principal focus, as they represent two adverse effects which occurred in Byron's life that would have produced an emotional response. When first coming Byron's poetry, the reader could find it hard not to judge that the poem without placing it in the context of their famous reputation. He was a celebrity of the time due to his lavish and liberal lifestyle. Paul West states that 'The difficulty is that if we respond to him whatsoever, we respond to his character '2. But how would one react to his own poetry if they had no prior knowledg...

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