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Pediatric and Adult Migraines Essay

Pediatric and Adult Migraines Many people don't expect to find that kids get migraines. It's one of these disorders which are connected with adults only. A migraine is also an intense, pounding headache with nausea that occurs infrequently. The aggravation starts across the eyes, the forehead, or the sides of the mind. Bright lights and loud sounds also make the headache worse, and any movements make this headache worse. Migraines last from several hours to a couple of days in serious cases (1). Over 8 million kids get migraines a year, which results in over 1 million missing schooldays cumulatively. 20% of teenagers in high school suffer with migraines too. Pediatric migraines normally stop every time a child becomes an adult. Migraines happening prior to puberty are about evenly split between boys and girls, and after puberty many more girls than boys experience them. Older kids experience migraine pain normally on just one side of the mind. Younger children, but experience pain on either side of the head. Some people also see a "warning setting," that can be a pattern of lines or shadows before their eyes as the headache starts (2). Types of migraines are therefore classified as either frequent (no air warning) or classic (with air warning). Aura symptoms usually occur 30 to 60 seconds before the acute headache and generally are resolved by that period (3). Why are pediatric and adult migraines distinct? There are many diverse stimulants which trigger a migraine headache. Certain foods, such as cheese, processed meats, caffeine, chocolate, MSG, nuts, or pickles are typical triggers. Stress and too much exercise can also trigger an attack (1). Most children with migraines have a family history of.

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