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Nate, Hajji, and Also the Bear Essay

Nate's thumping heart drummed such as it supposed to escape his torso. But somehow his brain locked into a serene logical mode. It kept his feet bolted into the ground and a shout from his lips. He could not outrun a bear. He could do nothing which the bear could not do, except believe. If he did not panic, possibly smarts would be sufficient. He pushed a breath and remembered that the granola bars in his pocket. He reached to allow them slowly to avoid bothering the bear. The bear had proceeded no nearer, and Nate watched it intensely for any sign that it was ready to attack. The stand stood perhaps ten feet behind him, glancing out of side-to-side, and in all times, it watched him. Nate's fingers closed round the two granola bars. He lifted the hand, sliding it easily up the side of the vehicle little by little, and then placed the bite at the top. Feeling sideways, inch-by-inch, he moved away. He maintained this pace till he reached the trunk of the vehicle. Hoping to have as much distant from the bear as you can, Nate maintained poking around the automobile's edge until he reached the driver side door. He relaxed just a bit, feeling safer now that Smoky stood on the other side. The bear shook his massive head then walked toward the car. Instinctively, Nate resigned. The bear rose onto its hind legs, its enormous, bulk reaching eight feet to the heavens. The bear pawed a granola bar then utilized its teeth to tear away the wrap. It finished in just a few seconds then reached for the next bar. Nate declared his plan to function as the stand ate. This short distraction was not enough to create an escape. The bear can leap the car in one bound when it desired. He wanted another plan and believed concerning the apple. Maybe if he threw it, the stand could go after it, giving him enough time to cl...

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