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Humanism and The Teaching and Learning Process Essay

By analysing both negative and positive behaviors using my own observations and experiences, I'll clarify the effects and influence it had on students and their learning results. Reflecting on this procedure will help me to analyse their response to distinct behavioral and environmental situations inside the classroom. By developing strategies based around the 3 main theories of learning, I will explain how to use these methods to control student's behavior and influence the learning environment. By identifying the primary features of the current legislation and executing my own organisational policies for handling learner behaviour, I'll provide a brief description on how this affects on students and the learning environment by outlining the strengths and weaknesses and providing suggestions for improvement. When considering different strategies to improve and help the learning environment within the classroom, Geoff Petty contended that 'order in the classroom was created by a combination of four factors: effective classes on a well-conceived curriculum, good organisational skills, great teacher-student connection and successful discipline (Perry 2009:110)’. I will analyse the way to create positive behaviour using effective class room management methods to create positive peer group pressure and healthy group dynamics reducing disruptive behaviours. Using my expertise I will analyse behaviour and describe the effects and influence it has on learning and the learner’s consequence. The learner's had completed the first year of the course and were interested in the subject. They came on time with the essential equipment. The subject that I taught was computer maintenance and networking. They were all adults and curious in bu...

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Kurt Lewin theorized a three-stage model of change that has become known as the unfreezing-change-refreeze model that requires prior understanding how to be rejected and replaced. Edgar Schein provided further aspect for a far more comprehensive style of change calling this process "cognitive redefinition. " The first level is when individual is becoming encouraged to change. This period of change is built on the theory that human patterns is established by past observational..
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Communication is a crucial part of the company environment composition
As you stated, communication is a crucial part of the organizational environment. At my organization, because of large size, digital communication is often used because the primary method of communication, especially for downward communication. Fischer remarked that electronic forms of communication can carry a high likelihood of ambiguity, which is often troublesome if the message is definitely communicating a significant change (2009). Leaders with the director..
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Robbins judge 2009
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George Orwell's novel ‘Animal Farm' is usually an substantial fable from the Russian Wave. It describes the Revolution in a way that is usually inoffensive in people and also quite simple to understand. This kind of controversial story also instructs many valuable lessons, almost all very true in man's previous and also in today's.In all of man's chronicles, there are stories of tyrannical kings and merciless emperors, corrupted with all the thirst..
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What continues to be achieved by prosecuting Nazis alleged to have dedicated crimes up against the Jews?"While fighting for victory the German enthusiast will take notice of the rules pertaining to chivalrous combat. Cruelties and senseless damage are under his standard", or so the commandment published in every A language like german Soldiers paybook would have us believe. But during the Ww2 thousands of Jews were victims of warfare crimes dedicated by Nazi's,..
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Hip hop culture offers articulated dark marginality dissertation
Robert MartiniMentor BuschAMS 205Dec 6, 2015Hip hop traditions has articulated black marginality in many ways seeing that artists like Grandmaster Adobe flash helped leader hip hop. However the culture was new and focused on existence in the metropolis, it nonetheless stayed in line with keeping African American traditions which include variety of Afro-Caribbean and Afro-American musical procedures and boogie forms. The neighborhood streets which people resided,..
Black marginality
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Mexican american culture: mexico essays
Mexican-American CultureSouth america underwent a number of challenges throughout the second half of the 20th century. Some of them were related to governmental policies and economics, but the other folks were straight linked with the social and cultural complications. These complications had a large number of causes, just like religion, protective attitude of some people toward the neighbors American tradition and contradictions that the young inhabitants of the country..
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