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Article on The Importance of Hand-Washing at a Hospital Environment

What's proper hand washing at a hospital setting critical to your patient's health? Hospitals all across America are cracking down on employees washing their hands before and after leaving a patients room. Patients are coming in to get a simple procedure and staying longer because of the fact of catching something while at hospital. Three of the significant infections sufferers are catching are c-Diff (clostridium Difficile), MRSA (Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus), and Norovirus. " If workers followed the guidelines by CDC (Center for Disease Control) and also their employer ailments could be reduced by up to one- third" ( Creedon 208-209). Among the significant infections hospitals are seeing is C-Diff also called clostridium Difficile. Symptoms ranges from asthma to life-threatening inflammation of the colon. C-Diff generally occurs after antibiotic medications like penicillin and clindamycin (Deborah Sharp, RN, BSN). C --Diff was initially identified from the 1930 in the feces of healthy newborns, however, the organism was not considered a pathogen (Harvard Health edu). C-Diff interrupts the normal flora in the gut allowing the proliferation of those C-Diff bacteria. A person staying more in the hospital can improve their risk of catching the disease. A individual with this disease can transmit the organism to other people by contaminating environmental and skin surfaces. Healthcare employees become carriers throughout transmission which probably occurs via pollutants which lay dormant in their own hands (Dr. Swartz) This is the reason proper hand washing is vital, because healthcare workers can pass it on. Antiseptic washes and alcohol -- based dyes do not do away with C-Diff. The CDC states that individuals should wash with antimicrobial soap utilizing friction for 15 minutes before.

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