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The Loss of My Uncle Essay Illustrations

February twenty-third 2010 was just a regular ordinary moment. I was on my way to class on this chilly February day, when my telephone rang. It was my cousin on the other end telling me to phone my mom. I couldn't figure out what was wrong, so I immediately said okay and I hung up and called my mom. When my mom answered the phone I told her the message but I said I do not understand what's wrong. My mother was in the office and couldn't call straight away, so I took the effort to phone my cousin back to find out what was happening. She told me that our uncle was at the hospital and it did not seem great. Starting to tear up I pull over in a fast food restaurant parking lot to listen to more to that which my cousin had to say. She informs me to tell my mom to arrive at the hospital as quickly as possible as if it may be the final time to visit her older brother. My mom finally calls me back and when I tell her news, she immediately leaves work. That after-noon I lost my Uncle. Dealing with the grief of a loved one isn't a simple endeavor. Only time can heal the pain of somebody you’re used to be about is suddenly gone. When my uncle passed it was the very first experience with death in which I was old enough to comprehend. Nobody really near my family had passed before, so that I was unprepared with all the pain and despair that came with it. Additionally, I thought about it but I never actually thought of something like that happening to me personally. I wish I had spent time with my uncle, but I never thought about it because I never thought he'd passing away so fast. This is always the reason it's excellent for each day to show your family how much you love and love them because you never know if their last day on earth is. When a loved one passes away it's not a simple subject...

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