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Article on William Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra

William Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra While Mark Antony is a wonderful general, among the three triumvant, it's indeed not possible to feel empathy for him within his extreme "dotage" for Cleopatra. He even "fishes, drinks and scattering the lamps of night in love", thereby destroying his own reputation, and even decreasing his masculinity, and thus, respect. In the opening scene of this drama, even before Antony appears, he is constituted from the ideological structure of the Roman kingdom. Antony's individuality is discussed to maintain a state of oscillation: "This dotage of our general o'erflows the step." The "measure" spoken of here refers to some limitation that describes the correct level of Roman identity. Deviation from this identity is what alerts the Roman viewer (I.e. Philo and Demetrius). Right from the start, in Philo's opening speech, we all learn that Antony's heart refuses all self-restraint. His appetite is excessive, producing a transformation by a "pillar of this world" - a company bearer of this Roman senate, likened to "Mars", god of warfare, clad in armour - "to a strumpet's fool." Antony insists that the measure of his standing defines his very identity: "If I lose mine honour, I lose myself". Nevertheless as Demetrius and Philo speak from inside the hierarchical arrangement, they cast a censorious watch at Antony "Take but good note…Behold and see". Taking "notice" may mean to produce a written document; transliterating reputation according to the visual evidence beheld. Romean spectatorship measure identity by the relation between visual operation and ve...

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