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A Report about Lifeline for Children's Choir Directors Essay

Mrs. Bartle employs a little bit of four of each of the approaches discussed in (both the vocal pedagogy) course. She uses a whole lot of this Westminister method but borrows from the others. Others she borrows from are Christiansen, Fred Warning and Wilson/Klein. Much of what she writes, is from her own life's career adventures as a choral director. The first subject she deals with is the manager's attitude. A manager should have a positive attitude. (p. 3, Bartle) In chapter two she discusses the evolution of a child's voice in a mechanistic manner. She desires the 'flutety' noise of a youngster's voice manufactured, involving the ages 6-8. (ps. 7-9) That reminds me of this Westminister method. She teaches the best way to aid a child who has issues sing on 'center'. (ps. 13-15.) She tells how to assist kids announce their vowels if they sing. She does this by demonstrating the position of the chin using a rubber ring. She also teaches kids how to form vowels and diphthongs using their mouths. (ps. 19-21) She provides some mechanistic methods on how to create good diction with crap word techniques and by exaggerating consonants as they whisper words. (ps. 22-3) That reminds me of this Fred Warning accent on good pronunciation. She gives several reasons why your children's choir can sing flat or sharp, and then provides some mechanistic approaches to fix them. (p. 27) A choir director must fix his own hearing, before they can reach 'first base', using their choir members. They can accomplish that by listening to some Bach chorales, then abandon them for a week, come back and play with them several daysand write them down to a quiz. (p. 27) She also discusses the many methods of instructing kids rhythm, however she also advises, "let's not dismiss the old". (ps. 28-9) She also a.. .

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