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University Food Service Menu Needs Revision Essay

University Food Service Menu Requires Revision THE PURPOSE OF THIS REPORT The purpose of the report is to demonstrate that the need to examine the present meal plan services offered by University and to establish a demand for a substantial revision of the menus and foods to accommodate the nutrient needs of all of the pupils. The pupils, in particular, on which this report will focus is those students who are vegetarian (or even those who do not eat any animal flesh), or vegetarian (those who do not eat any products that come from animals, such as eggs, milk, meat, and fat). THE CURRENT MEALS AND MENUES The current food service offers three meals every day, and these comprise some, but comparatively few, vegetarian possibilities for students with special dietary needs. In the average daily menu there is generally an option that either doesn’t contain red meat or has a vegetable foundation in the components. On the menus that these meal options are marked by a symbol of a carrot (view menus at Meals The morning meal consists of many hot dishes and toast, cereal, canned fruit, occasionally one fresh fruit option, and milk or juice. Pupils also have the option of using a waffle that they make themselves. (Waffles can be found for any of these meals). For your noon-time meal, pupils have the choice of using a cold sandwich, or among typically three hot meal things. There is always a salad bar plus 2 options of cereal. The evening meal is similar to the noon-time meal. It also comes with a salad bar and usually three sexy main-courses and side dishes, but does not incorporate the cold sandwich option. Menus Copies of food service menus have been contained in the Appendix of this paper and provide random examp...

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