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Essay on The Greek or Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church

The Eastern or Greek Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church The Greek or Eastern Orthodox Church holds a Terrific impression in the "word-picture" of the church with believers in heaven as well as in the world, spanning time in Addition to space. The worship is incredibly mysterious and spiritual and a huge sum of incense and candles bring about this by setting a frightfully heavenly aurora. Much belief is based on traditional techniques of the church and what ideas have been handed down through generations and are attracted also in the Holy Scriptures. Both of these may be understood through how the actual church as construction is designed and decorated. The ceiling is a superb dome, which will be there to represent heaven. Usually pictures of Jesus and his mother are observed upon it. The floor symbolises ground and the nave is located in the form of a square which, would be to reveal Gods orderly universe and all its corners that are in remembrance of the four evangelists. The actual thing which strikes you when you first put in a Greek Orthodox Church is the massive stone or wooden display, dividing the nave and sanctuary usually about five panels high. It is the iconostasis and can be covered in lovely, vibrant icons and at the middle of it are the imperial doors. These are passed through by the chosen priest (chosen as Gods agent) and ordained clergy that prepare the Divine Liturgy on the large altar to be taken out to the communion ceremony. The imperial doors typically carry icons of their evangelists and Annunciation. You'll find side doors into the iconostasis that are used by both the deacons and servers and they occasionally demonstrate the archangels Michael and Gabriel...

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