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Teaching Real Gender in Highschool Essay

Teaching sex education is like telling a child not to go in a cookie jar. A kid generally asks for a cookie along with the parent replies, "No." "Do not go in the cookie jar" Then that child will grow or do anything it is to get this cookie from the jar. Since it is possible to imagine, parents say no more without sharing the reason behind it or the way to do what is being asked. That is the issue not only with children, but also with teenagers. Parents, teachers, and mentors utilize the abstinence- only approach, so they just instruct high school students never to have intercourse and that it's bad, but not all the truth of it (Crooks 2014). Teens are rebellious so they will do precisely what an adult tells them not to perform. No sex will make teenagers want to have sex much more. Many health courses are just educating the surface of this material when it ought to be educated in depth. It is far better to hear proper information from teens and parents than to have false information placed in their heads by another less informed teenager. Extensive sex education should be taught in high school because it teaches teens on safe sex, birth control, and wholesome relationships in order that they will be able to make effective and safe decisions. Extensive sex education isn't just about teaching teens how to have sex safely, but a huge assortment of subjects that help teens (Crooks 2014). When a teen leaves the house, they make conclusions. They can make bad or great choices, but it is finally up to them. If a teenager chooses to have intercourse they should have the right to be educated so they won't make a mistake. In most religions such as Christianity, sex is incorrect before marriage. But, it is better for a teen to be safe than sorry. The U.S. is one of the top countries fo...

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