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William Shakespeare's The Tempest Act One, Scene One Essay

William Shakespeare's The Tempest Act One, Scene One This scene presents the drama, and is set during on a ship during a ferocious storm. The passengers would be the royal party of the King of Naples, also include the King Alonso, his brother Sebastian, the Prince Ferdinand, along with the King's counsellors, Gonzalo and Antonio. The storm, which begins the drama, isn't real, but was conjured by Prospero, a magus, to lure the passengers into his island. This storm is also representation of the metaphorical storm which entails the tumultuous emotions of the drama's characters as it continues. The island where Prospero resides is used by Shakespeare as it is completely isolated, so any activity which occurs on it's completely removed from external influences and complications. The crew of this boat are busily attempting to combat the storm, working together, representing the "ship of state", also emphasising the thought that the subjects will need to work collectively, but also the storm represents the buffeting of the ship of state, and culture, by its actions. After the royal party appear and demand to take over the functioning of the ship and start ordering the mariners around, Shakespeare introduces the idea of the nature of authority, questioning whether the King should have complete power all the time, or provide command to someone far more experienced than that, showing the drama will be a test of true characters. The boatswains commands reflect the urgency of the situation in their brief, exclamatory sentences "My Hearts! Yare! Yare! Take in the topsail!" The boatswain also speaks in prose, to show he's a less important characte...

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