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Article about America Requires Mass-immigration

It's no secret that the United States' market has seen a huge drop within the previous ten years. Among the many facts that support that claim is that the United States' GDP accounted for approximately 32 percent of this world's financial activity in 2001, but has dropped to a very meager 21.6 percent in 2011 -- only ten years after (Snyder, 2013). Additionally, since the nation's debt continues to grow, all lawmakers in Washington, DC can do is point fingers at one another and claim their approaches for mending our market would be the very best, while unconsciously refusing to hear what another group has to say. What they are unable to do is realize that there's a work force of twenty five million hard-working and excited individuals who have already assimilated to our population, with many more able to emerge behind them, that could be wielded to repair America's economic standing. While the eleven million people which are here illegally do pose a problem to the United States' capacity to secure its borders, they also signify a terrific resource that has to be utilized. Immigrants are a necessity, and the Mexican immigrants should be the next catalyst for economic prosperity to hit the USA, therefore we should adopt them. The reform of the flawed immigration system should not depend solely on a single of the preferred methods, however a compromise between the opposing groups. This would close the borders to people we do not want to have input our country, but open them wider to those that we desire to be able to optimize economic development. If the United States jumps in at the right time (being now) and utilizes the readily available workforce manufactured from currently "illegal" immigrants, then a massive economic boon would follow and perhaps even lead to our nation being it was in it's heyday. I s.. .

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