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Library Classification Essay

It has at all times been a life practice of man to arrange things at the most convenient order to save time and also for ease of use and access. Such training is often called classification; the purpose of which to deliver order and logics to things and thought. We are exposed to classification in each element of our daily life, for example the submitting of individuals records in a physician's office, the way supermarket organize supermarkets on their shelves and the design strategies garments stores use to exhibit their merchandise. Classification is one of the key actions of cataloguing and involves the assigning of numbers to signify subject content. Without accessibility, accessibility to and the storing of library material would be quite challenging, time consuming and irritating. Therefore I strongly endorse this quote "Books are the base of library; classification is the basis of librarianship" (qtd. In Sharma and Sharma 17). The goal of library classification schemes is to maintain like and associated items together, moving from general to particular, for effortless access by consumers and simplicity of re-shelving by library staff. Sharma and Sharma gave precisely the point of library classification as, to separate topics on the basis of likeness and unlikeness, to make grouping and sub-grouping of subjects, to arrange things at the most convenient order to make books accessible to each reader, to allow reader to get his publication, to arrange books in chronological arrangement, to retrieve data whenever needed and also to make available the entire library stock to readers by publisher, date of publication, title, by author, or by topics. The correct method is to arrange by contents of the material (16). Whether online or manual, the goal of classification remains the same; howeve...

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