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CREATED ON 3rd January 2018

Susan Glaspell's Jury of Her Peers Writer

"Jury of Her Peers" is a brief story that unites murder, is based and sexism while exposing the reader into the facts about women's abilities and techniques. Aside from being a murder mystery about the analysis of the sudden passing of John Wright, the story's theme is all about respect for women and making decisions based on your personal morals and beliefs as opposed to allowing others to command them. Glaspell is a firm believer in women's rights, and she dedicates most of her writing, including this bit, to demonstrating to society which women are indeed as intelligent and capable as men would be to execute the duties and tasks of everyday life (net*). The setting is located in rural Dickson County, USA, only before 1920. This was a period in America's history when women were viewed as family workers just, that guys were the only ones capable of creating important judgment calls and decisions. Though one of the principal personalities, Mrs. Peters, lives her own life by what the men make her to become, in the end she undergoes a motion which transforms her into an independent person of society. The female figures in "Jury of Her Peers" include Mrs. Peters, Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Wright. These are the girls who, at various points in their lives, turned the degrading things guys did in to motivation to undergo with actions they never thought possible. For Mrs. Hale, this occurred when she was only a woman, along with a young boy wore her youthful kitty in front of her own eyes. As she explained, she believed from this adventure that "If they hadn't held me back I'd havehurt him." (Glaspell, 277) Similarly, Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Wright undergo a similar scenario regarding how their husbands treat them. Mr. Hale along with the Sheriff, Mr. Peter...

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