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Moral Evil vs. Natural Evil Essay

Evil can be categorized into two kinds, moral evil and natural evil. Moral evil is brought about by poor choices that stem from our free will. Natural evil is bad things which happen to individuals, whether they deserve them or not. The issue with bad is, "Either we must say that God isn't wholly good, which he permits or is the writer of evil. Or we have to state that God is not omnipotent, and even though he's wholly good and would prevent bad if he can, he is powerless to stop it" (Fitzgerald 340). This is a significant issue to the revealed religions because they think in a totally good and omnipotent God. Why then, would this God allow bad? Within this paper, I will supply, clarify, and evaluate St. Augustine of Hippo's answer for this question. Augustine feels that evil stems from choice and free will. He does not see evil as its being, rather it is the lack of good. Anything that is, since it came from God, is great, "The greatest good, compared to which there is not any greater, is God, and consequently He is unchangeable good, hence truly eternal and truly immortal. All other good things are only from Him, not of Him" (Bourke 48). Evil is merely a perversion of this great. Since all things are created from God, they start out only excellent. Evil comes into play when this inborn great gets corrupted. Augustine said, "For what is that which we call evil but the absence of good?" (Bourke 65). He defines evil as, "what is wicked, which is nothing else than corruption, both of the step, or the kind, or the order, which belong to nature. Nature so which has been corrupted is called evil, for assuredly when incorrupt it is good; however when tainted, so far as it is nature it is great, so far because it is tainted...

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