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A Background of Munich Essay Illustration

Munich, is the capital of the area of Bavaria, found in the southern portion of Germany. As one of the top three biggest cities in Germany, closely connected to Hamburg and Berlin in size, Munich is home to 1.349 million people (CIA). Located in close proximity to the Alps and also Isar River, the city today flourishes as a tourist destination, both financial sector, marketplace and home to the famous German beer festival known as "Oktoberfest" (Gray, Jeremy). Originally a monastery, dating back to the 8th century, the town of Munich's name comes from the term München, meaning 'monks'. At the past 1157, the reigning Duke of Bavaria, Henry III, or Henry of all Lion, altered the performance of the city. Targeting their place close to the Isar River, Henry let the monks to construct a bridge connecting Munich into the street from Salzburg, Austria (Encyclopedia Britannica). With this link, the monks assembled a market as the basis of town. Over the Upcoming few years, the Imperial Diet of Augsburg declared Munich as a city in 1175 (Gray, Jeremy). Succeeding the reign of Henry of all Lion, resulted in the Wittelsbach family taking control of Munich at 1255. The Wittelsbach blood line lasted for nearly a century. Within this time period, Louis IV, or Louis the Bavarian, raised the square footage of the city, while introducing the salt sector by Salzburg (Encyclopedia Britannica). This provided the town with a socket for economic development. The city continued rising until the Thirty Years War, a series of wars fought throughout central Europe, followed with the bubonic plague drastically declining the population by one thirdparty. (Gray, Jeremy) The next few centuries centered on building Munich into a cultural centre of Germany. In t.. .

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Most Gruesome Horrifying
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