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Literary Evaluation of Movie Essay

Literary Analysis of Film How does it feel starting over in an entirely new place? From the movie "The Karate Kid", Daniel, the main character, along with his mom moved into the California out of New Jersey because of his mother's new job offer. Daniel began going to college in California and met with a girl named Ali, whom he started to like. He began going out with her. Daniel was getting beat up by some bullies; one of them had been Ali's ex-boyfriend. They knew karate very well, but Daniel did not. So Daniel decided to learn karate. Daniel and his mom were living in a apartment and one day he finds that the handyman in his flat, Mr.Miyagi, knows karate quite well. He asked Mr.Miyagi to teach him karate, and Mr.Miyagi became his karate teacher. It was tough for him to make new friends in a new place and then he thought that Mr.Miyagi would be the only best friend he ever met. Have you ever attempted to discover who you are? Everybody's perspective about identity is different. For me, identity means the items that best defines myself as who I am right now. From the movie "The Karate Kid," Mr.Miyagi is identified as a fantastic karate teacher. In the same way, tennis trainers have different drills to teach his pupils how to play tennis. From the movie, Miyagi makes Daniel do labour work, such as painting fences, washing and waxing cars, and sanding hardwood flooring by using different karate movements to teach him karate. Daniel's in the film is a growing adolescent and hard-working pupil. He followed Miyagi had informed him: "Teacher say, student do". As a result, he attained victory in the "All Valley Karate Championship" and that he turned into a karate champion. In my perspective, when teachers instruct pupils to cheat, students learn how to cheat. When the pupil.

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