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CREATED ON 3rd January 2018

Essay on Using Mobile Phones While Driving is Risky

Cell phone usage in motor vehicles has grown at a remarkable rate over the past 15 years. Yet it's indisputable that using a cell phone while driving can affect driver performance as it relates to the overall safe operation of a car. There are a range of matters to consider in deciding if the trade off in convenience is well worth the potential risks associated with the diversion created by a mobile phone. Given the fact that the individual motorist (and/or business owner) finally pays for the resulting consequences connected with an auto or truck accident (financial, psychological and bodily lose); it is prudent to seek out relevant and reliable information in making a choice. In doing so, consider the source, in addition to the possible motivation behind the info supplier. Source: US Legislation In the USA, there are currently no federal laws prohibiting driving while using a mobile phone. Within an earnest effort to find a solution, some countries (New Jersey, New York, the District of Columbia, Connecticut and pending in California) have passed laws barring hand-held cell phone use while driving. Normal fines range from $50 to $100 for drivers caught with a hand-held apparatus. When these lawmakers have the public's best interest at heart by levying penalties, not all entities weighing on this subject are likely to have the exact same incentive. Source: Manufacturer Research As the consequence of an independent analysis (found on their website in the form of a press release), Plantronics, a manufacturer of headsets states, "71 percent of drivers steer more accurately when using a headset with a mobile phone". They point out that the study was to discover whether a individual using a cell phone improves driving if he.

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