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Essay on Distracted by Digital Technology

Mr. Kord Campbell, a software creator, spends all his time using multiple modes of technology. The excessive use of technologies -- "two monitors residing with e-mail, instant messaging, online chats, an Internet browser and the computer code that he was writing" -- caused him to overlook an email from a company that wanted to purchase his Internet startup (Richtel 1). He fixed the issue and the deal nevertheless went successfully. This man is hooked on technology as a result of his job. When he turns from his gadgets , he becomes distracted waiting for his mobile to go off. "His wife, Brenda, complains, "It feels like he could no longer be completely at the moment" (Richtel 1). Mr. Campbell falls asleep with technology in that he wakes up and the first thing he does is pick up his cell phone or notebook computer. This love for technologies has influenced the rest of his loved ones. His son, Connor, 16, is fighting in school due to his constant use of his gadgets. His second-grade daughter, Lily, is allowed to devote an hour a day on her own laptop, which fully consumes her till Mrs. Campbell has to pry it away from her. Mrs. Campbell is beginning to use more technology and while baking cookies one night she burned two batches because she kept getting distracted by her cell phone. Even Kord gets diverted just like the rest of his family. He and his colleagues are attempting to get a schedule finished for an online meeting that is in ten minutes. They're all frantically functioning, while Mr. Campbell sees a tweet and gets distracted by a headline which states "Man Found Dead Inside His Business". He quickly glances at the article while the program is still not completed and time is ticking, but luckily it gets finished just in time for the meeti...

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