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Exploring the Activity of Macbeth Which Backfired at Shakespeare's Macbeth

The dream of getting king has ironically changed by a bright future to some tragic ending as a result of a number of the important decisions Macbeth has made throughout the course of his journey and a range of his activities will backfire on him. The first of his actions which backfired was when he killed King Duncan which he regrets later. Another action that backfired was that the murder of the guards that could've radically altered the outcome of the whole story since he could have gotten out of King Duncan's murder if he didn't commit it. The next action that backfired on Macbeth was when he purchased the murderers to murder Banquo and Fleance where they failed to eliminate Fleance. The murder that he committed has been a requirement for Macbeth in order to protect his spot as king. That murder was that the killing of the king that he needed to do since Duncan named his son, Malcolm since Prince of Cumberland which also meant that when Duncan goes off, Malcolm will be his successor and Macbeth understood that he needed to murder King Duncan to maintain his fantasy of becoming king alive alive. This decision to murder the king.

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