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Writer about Dido and Camilla - Leaders Blinded by their Passions from the Aeneid

Dido and Camilla - Leaders Blinded with their Passions in the Aeneid In Book I of Virgil's Aeneid, Aeneas observes a depiction of the female warrior, Penthesilea, about the walls of Dido's temple. Since Aeneas is looking at this portrait, Dido enters the temple. Afterwards in Book XI, as Camilla walks through the carnage of battle, she is likened to a picture of Penthesilea returning home victorious. Virgil presents several such similarities from his portrayals of both Dido and Camilla because it is through them, the only two female leaders at his work, that he illustrates the destinies of leaders who fall victim to his or her passions. To Virgil, a excellent leader is one who practices restraint, represses all passions, also embodies the virtue of temperance, which based on Cicero is a virtue that "comprises propriety, moderation, decorum, restraint, and self-control. "1 To Virgil, a truly amazing leader must embody temperance on both the throne and the battlefield. Thus, through his portrayals of both Dido and Camilla, Virgil illustrates the fates of leaders who do not adhere to this Stoic morality of the 1st century BC Originally, Dido is a great stateswoman while Camilla is a great warrior. However, they both are overcome by passions which they cannot repress. Dido, Inspired by her love for Aeneas, sacrifices herself, while Camilla, blinded by her lust for the spoils of war, does not notice the spear fatally flying in her direction. Originally Virgil invests in Dido and Camilla that the capability to be excellent leaders. He clarifies Dido as a fantastic stateswoman. She rules her town as a female-King, overseeing its construction and preparing it for war. Venus relates to Aeneas how...

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