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CREATED ON 2nd January 2018

Recognizing Violence Inside Homosexual Relationships Essay

Domestic violence in relationships and unions has become a long-standing issue in Western society. A lot of people have not realized it isn't just a problem for heterosexual couples. Domestic violence in lesbian, gay, and bisexual relationships is at least as prevalent. Lori B. Girshick, a Professor of sociology and women's studies at Warren Wilson College in North Carolina, states that we live in a society in which "sexual violence is defined only concerning male penetration and sex"(Griffin). If that is true then it is easy to see why our society has difficulty understanding the issue with the irregular types of relationship abuse. We must also look at the issue of prevalence. Though statistical analysis is still spotty many researchers believe that abuse in the gay and lesbian community is as prevalent as it is among heterosexuals. Incidents of domestic violence between gay couples in the New York City region increased 25 percent in 1998 by the previous year (De La Cruz). A report from the National Institute of Justice which included a population that has been 99 percent heterosexual discovered that 25 percent of women and 8 percent of people were in some point victims of an abusive relationship(Leland). There are lots of myths surrounding homosexual domestic violence. One of these is the general belief that women are not violent. Another involves a belief that the abuser at a connection is more powerful. Violence in any relationship can't be understood in terms of male, social and economic power. In lesbian partnerships it's often the spouse who seems to possess more self-esteem and makes more money who is being battered. Various studies have shown that the girls who were assaulted were those that were self sufficient, i.. .

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