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Essay on Sorrow Of Young Werther by Goethe

Death has become the consequent for the main characters in each of the first four books read for the program. The protagonist in each of the first four books; Werther, Rafael, Ivan Ilyich, and K., respectively; met their demise on the final page of their respective books. All four directly or indirectly were the cause of the painful demise. Werther chose suicide over conforming to the ways of adulthood, and moving further away from character. Rafael decided to live a lifetime of possessions, and subsequently, his inner-self dwindled. Ivan Ilyich alienated himself from those around him , and concealed behind the social mask that is overburdened. Finally, Joseph K. causes his won death by being a puppet of society, conforming to all rules, and to his own sense of guilt. Ivan Ilyich was the only character to somewhat remedy the problem before slipping into the shadow of death. In all situations, the activities of the lives of all four protagonists very clearly displayed their flaws as personalities. In Goethe's novel, Werther died a very slow, excruciatingly painful death. He refused to conform to existence as it was; denied to move farther away from the character he so cherished. By doing so, Werther was responsible for adulthood. Werther saw suicide as the only escape from maturity, and his only chance at eternal happiness. Anything was worth enjoyment, "certainly, whoever owns sickВ...will not refuse the bitterest medicines, in order to revive the wellbeing he longs for." (July 1) Werther uses this analogy to prove his point that someone will go much to rid themselves of unpleasantness. Werther's origin of unpleasantness is Lotte, because can't have a claim to her. To be an adult is to have the ability to say no to oneself. Werther was not able coming into a comprehension that Lott...

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