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CREATED ON 1st January 2018

Essay on Great Friday and Citizenship

The entire world is a hectic mess now. News is occurring all around us and the sole source that functions as a filter between the ourselves and chaos is the media. The media, journalists especially, must hold upon themselves a great responsibility when they're acting as this filtering device between the ordered and unordered. But is that the one thing journalism does: make sense of the information? No, it does much more than that. Good journalism is functioning, with help from the citizenry, to make an educated Republic filled with citizens that are well informed of the events that intersect their own lives. There are a number of steps, however, that journalists must take before they can go from making sense of the information to making an enlightened Republic. At the crux of any republic is its citizens. They're also those to whom journalists must first be loyal (Kovach and Rosenstiel 52). What does this mean? How are journalists supposed to make citizens their number one devotion? The First Amendment permits the media a particular freedom from government control. That is because, as Justice Black writes, journalists were “to serve the governed, not the governors” (New York Times Co. v. United States). Within this aspect, journalists behave as servants to the citizenry. But it might be argued that their paychecks come from particular businesses, and possibly their loyalties go first to their jobs rather than the taxpayers. Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenstiel argue against this by pointing out that "individuals who collect news aren't like the employees of different companies. They've a social responsibility that occasionally overrides their companies' immediate interests, and this duty is the origin of their employers' financial achievement" (53). Kovach and...

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