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CREATED ON 1st January 2018

Cult of the Apple Essay

Four years before, the very first iPhone was released and it still remains as a favorite facet of our technological civilization now. Even though it is in its fourth iteration with much more to come, the iPhone has been one of the best selling smartphones. In a fast paced world with all new technology constantly being published, the iPhone is still remarkable although some may argue that it is outdated and overhyped. This unit is much more than just a phone to consumers, but another means to contact the world. There is nothing about this device that's Americans camping out Apple stores and enduring long lines to receive their hands on one. Even though the iPhone may look like just another smart phone, it's a cultural phenomenon because of the way it's altered our lives from being a simple device that satisfies our technology needs better than others. Our society is slowly revolving more about technology today and with an all-purpose apparatus such as the iPhone, it gets connecting to the world simpler than ever. You might surf the web whilst in the midst of a phone call, or check your email in which you wanted to without needing to sit down on a computer. There's an integrated music program so that you don't need to carry around another device to use to follow music. Using its high-resolution camera, you can take a couple snapshots and readily share it through integrated social network apps, email or simply store it on the web. Now that the Apple App Store has expanded, there are millions of applications out there that enable users to do much more with their mobile than ever before. Some examples of helpful programs comprise: GPS navigation, mobile banking, stocks, packing monitoring and other different utilities. Together with having useful apps for productivity, then there is a plet...

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Willa Cather
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