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How Presidents of the United States Overstep Their Own Bounds and Defy the Constitution

Wesley Clark, a former United States Army General and also a decorated Vietnam War veteran, says in his book Winning Modern Wars that "Defeating terrorism is much harder and far-reaching than we have assumed...We might be advancing the ball down the field at will, jogging within our opponent's defenses, but winning the game is yet another matter altogether." He also mentioned in the preface of this book "that the Bush government had rushed us, forced us, mislead, and manipulated us into war with Iraq with at the cost of the true war against Al- Qaeda." Clark in writing stating this is basically telling us people (The United States) have somehow overstepped our borders by behaving in this "War on Terror," and while he may have produced a declaration announcement, he's accurate. An individual would have to concur with Clark's theory, our president, George W. Bush, who pioneered the "War On Terror" essentially went into this war believing that armed forces were planning to step into the terrorists backyard mow the yard and return home in 1 piece. He was wrong, our soldiers have yet to come home and those who have failed to come back in 1 piece; they arrived back with emotional bruises and others without their lives. Nevertheless, the impetus of the war was that the absence of presidential checking that our Congress neglected to do. What triggered it to be that our former president, George W. Bush, unofficially expanded his abilities as president, also acted impulsively instead of logically, which ought to have never and must never happen again. By talking the first powers of the president as enumerated in the United States Constitution, in addition to studying how these forces have been altered, amplified, and also taken good care of through the "contemporary presidency" and.

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