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Assessing Jammeh's Presidency Essay

Yahya Abdulaziz Jemus Junkung Jammeh has been the president of The Gambia as 1994. Jammeh took over when Sir Dawda Jawara was pressured from office after a military coup. Jammeh wasn't officially sworn in as the president of The Gambia before November 1996. He's been re-elected as president ever since. The following sources analyze whether Jammeh is a fantastic president or not. An article from a private Gambian newspaper, The Observer, congratulated Jammeh on his fourth year anniversary of his discovery of a remedy for HIV/AIDS. The Observer reported that Jammeh discovered remedies for diabetes, infertility, and other ailments too. Another article from The Observer showed that forty-five farmers profited in The Gambia's NDMA (National Disaster Management Agency) that gave away ninety bags of rice and forty-five bags of flour due to destruction into the farmers' rice fields from hippopotami. The Observer discussed a village involvement in neighborhood street clean-ups. The advantages of the clean-ups are discounts in brush fires and sickness. The NEA (National Environmental Agency) helped organize the clean-ups. Both of these posts show Jammeh cares about the wellbeing of his people because he provides them with cures for diseases, in addition to organizations which assist with relief from natural disasters and maintenance of their surroundings. The Point is another personal paper in The Gambia that's controlled by the authorities. All of their articles are encouraging of Jammeh but they do not glorify him like The Observer does. As an instance, there were not any posts written regarding Jammeh's fourth year anniversary of finding a cure for HIV/AIDS. The Point composes good points about Jammeh so that they will not be shut down by the authorities. In t.. .

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