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A Look in the Death of Queen Cleopatra Essay

It has been more than 2000 years because Cleopatra drew her final breath, so ending the rule of the pharaohs in Egypt to get good. In the years after her departure, there have been many theories as to how she could have died. The most widely accepted notion is that she's committed suicide by allowing himself to be bitten by a venomous snake and it's the concept that's been written in many history books as historical fact. Still, there is rising evidentiary service that would suggest that her alleged suicide was in fact a homicide. Though, it is hard to find incriminating evidence for something that happened so long ago, the heads behind this concept believe that by utilizing investigative methods of the contemporary age they are able to piece together the fact of her departure. By looking into Cleopatra’s beyond one can discover that she wasn't a girl who would only give up, that she'd never be capable of her historic suicide. In the first years of her life, Cleopatra learned that to gain the thrown from the dynasty of the Ptolemies it required a lot more then utter knowledge. She did however have a very good education where she knew how to speak seven unique languages and has been the sole Ptolemy to have know how to speak Egyptian and Greek ("The Unsolved Death of Cleopatra"). It's clear that even from such a young age Cleopatra was driven to be successful. It appears that it wasn't enough for her to just be educated, but to transcend her siblings and quite possibly her very own parents. This was soon proven to be so once she kissed the throne and issues began to ensue. With the title of pharaoh came the marriage to her younger brother, even though neither one has been prepared to discuss that power together. Shortly after taking the throne her brother had been found murdere...

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