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Utopia, by Thomas More and More Communist Manifesto, by Karl Marx Essay

George Gilliam Marx/More Comparative Essay English 215 In both Thomas More's Utopia and Karl Marx's Communist Party, we view the authors portray two unique visions of a better reality in which all citizens are on an equal plane with one another. Both functions stem from the writers' own grievances regarding the 'status quo', and also try to provoke critical thought and (at Marx's situation) activity about the existing state of affairs in their respective times. The situation of the two of these works is very important when considering the substance of Utopia and the Communist Manifesto -- Thomas More lived at a time when Europe's authorities was based on of Feudalism, meaning royal families and rich nobles needed the overwhelming majority of power. Marx lived through the Industrial Revolution, when class antagonisms became fairly aggressive on account of the major gap between rich and poor (Bourgeois and Proletariat) as a consequence of their greater need for a significant number of workers and the subsequent wealthy minority. Utopia and the Communist Party are alike in the manner that they suggest or at least stir visions of significant changes in ideology, however, both have a variety of crucial differences also. More's Utopia is similar to a fictional narrative on the surface, but naturally there's a wonderful deal of depth to this piece of literature. Utopia is set primarily as a dialogue between three guys: Moreover, Hythloday, along with Giles. Hythloday is arguably the most significant character in this story, as he is the only relaying all of the information concerning the land of Utopia to Much More. Hythloday proceeded on many explorations with Amerigo Vespucci, and stumbled upon the island "Utopia" in his travels -- there he had the opportunity to act almost like an anthropologist, celebrating and studyin...

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