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CREATED ON 1st January 2018

Essay Interview With Director of Medical Surgical Nursing

For this mission I managed to interview Regina Bowman RN, BSN. Her current position is the Director of Medical Surgical Nursing. Her position puts her over best of seven nursing units between two centers. Regina graduated in the Mercer Medical School of Nursing in 1979 with her diploma in nursing. The Mercer medical school of nursing is still in operation although it's been renamed the Capital Health School of Nursing. Her return to college started after graduation. She registered at Mercer County Community College to obtain her Associates. Secondly she attended La Salle University and obtained her Bachelor's in Nursing in 2003. Finally she is currently enrolled at the Thomas Edison State University, also has a potential graduation of 2011 together with her Masters Degree in Nursing. Regina has work in many clinical tasks, either in and outside the hospital. Initially she started her nursing carrier as a medical surgical nurse shortly after graduation. After she gained expertise she worked in the emergency room just to return to med-surge as an assistant manager. Afterward the device in which she worked closed and Regina was put in a hospital setting managing hospital owned physician groups. This position leads to her return because the manager of seven East a general medical unit. This position eventually gave her the chance to maintain her present position as a hospital manager. I started the Interview with the questions focusing on various facets of leadership. Regina considers, and feels quite strongly that leadership is the key to any organizations survival. Regina goes on to summarize the qualities in which she thinks make a nicely defined and effective leader. A leader must adopt and encourage change. First she creates a.

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