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CREATED ON 1st January 2018

Essay on Adolescent Internet Addiction

The use of the internet is now essential to the world with the access to all kinds of information found in the click of a mouse. For adolescents the net can assist with schoolwork, but it also gives a platform for entertainment and communication with the world. Because relationships, information and gambling are easily available, it is possible for teens to become hooked on the internet and what it offers. The desire to be connected to the net can inhibit an adolescent's social, college and private life and the causes, symptoms, research, prevention and treatment of adolescent online addiction are essential to understanding and treating the dependence. The root of adolescent online dependence are summarized by numerous factors that are triggering. Help Guide (2008) summarizes risk factors that may cause teens to become hooked on the internet. The first three factors are anxiety, depression and anxiety. The website states that teens may utilize the internet to distract themselves from the anxieties and fears which make them stressed and may also use the internet to escape from depression and stress which can further contribute to isolation and anxiety. The website also states that individuals who suffer with different dependence, lack of social assistance, unhappiness, becoming less mobile and socially active and anxiety can also contribute to the development of online addiction in teens. Possessing other addictions such as alcohol or gambling are observed in several adolescents who suffer from online addiction. Possessing a lack of social support offline can cause adolescents to look for new relationships on the internet so as to satisfy their societal needs. This ties in with being miserable and getting more comforta...

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