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Essay Wealth and Power Associated With Transportation Systems

Wealth and Power Connected With Transportation Systems The average walking rate for an adult is just three to four mph. As technology evolves individuals are able to travel further, and deliver goods faster, and the world continues to become a smaller area. In real everyday life, power and wealth are inherent with all the control of transportation mediums. The founders of film and literature repeatedly pay homage to this fact, especially when they can throw their protagonist because the protagonist. In the publication "The Financier" (Dreiser, 2008) Frank Cowperwood risked the loss of his personal freedom in an attempt to gain control of a streetcar system. In the film "Wall Street" (Stone, 1987) Gordon Gekko took the same risks in an effort to assume charge of a small airline business. Although "The Financier" and "Wall Street" were made more than 75 decades apart, the two works admit the importance of transport systems. But are transportation systems fundamental to the growth of society, or are they simply a means for financial speculators to generate income? If you wanted to travel any significant distance in the United States at the start of the 19th century that your options were limited; you can walk, ride a horse, or utilize some kind of horse or oxen powered noodle. If you were fortunate enough to be near a river, you could save some wear and tear on your sneakers travelling by boat or kayak, however this required somebody to do the rowing, at least once you were traveling upstream. But in 1807 an inventor called Robert Fulton made the first steamboat, and also the essence of transfer changed forever. (Hattaway, 1997) Up until that time the transportation of people and cargo proved to be a slow, tedious process. Even though the country was mature...

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