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Writer on Abigail Williams, the Villian of The Crucible by Arthur Miller

In writing short stories, novels, or plays, there are certain criteria the author arrives to fulfill. He will select a simple narrative element to go by; either man versus nature, man versus man, or man versus himself. Then, a setting that's suitable to the writer is preferred, a place where the author imagines the story happening. Inevitably the personalities have been introduced one by one, and the author attempts to communicate their nature and create a mental picture for the reader. There are the heroes, the villains and the victims. Any story can revolve especially across any of these, but frequently all of them have characters that make equilibrium from the storyline. However, in The Crucible, Arthur Miller did not have to produce any characters. In writing a play based on a historical period of time and the true Salem Witch Trials, he hadn't any difficulty depicting the lowly characters, for they already existed. The most wicked one of all, the ringleader and cause of all of the deaths, appears to be a teenage girl. When the inhabitants of Salem first start questioning her, Abigail Williams tells them that Tituba was influencing her into methods of corruption; “She makes me laugh in prayer!” (Miller 44). Tituba is really much innocent of such accusations, however the townspeople threaten her with hanging if she does not “confess.” In order to save her own life, she does give in and “confess” by telling them that she had noticed the devil, and fulfilling them in the lie. Abigail also convinces the co.. .

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