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The Profound Influence of Fathers on Daughters Essay

"Any fool could be a father, but it requires a real man to become a daddy." - Philip Whitmore, Sr. And young ladies need their daddies! Fathers appear to be in tune to the fact that boys require special attention, discipline and leadership, however they are often unacquainted with how desperately their daughters require them (Dobson 93). Girls crave the like, approval and interest of their fathers. Whether or not it really is received by them, impacts them their entire lives greatly. Some would argue that craving for affirmation among girls may be the primary responsibility of the mother, even though many fathers view the duty of raising girls as a woman’s job (Dobson 93). However, it really is evident a daughter’s self-esteem highly, behavior, and human relationships are directly influenced by the positive or bad relationship she's with her father. A paternalfather includes a tremendous influence in the advancement of his girl’s self-esteem; how she feels about herself and her general sense to be a person of value. Studies concur that a daughter who includes a positive and nurturing romantic relationship with her father will display a more powerful sense of self-value (Katz and Van Der Kloet). In these scholarly studies, daughters with emotionally responsive fathers showed an increased level of self-confidence, a smaller acceptance of male dominance and an increased degree of sexual refusal behaviors. As a result, it is necessary for a father never to only be actually present; but, also emotionally associated with his daughter. Additionally, daughters have to know they are as vital that you their fathers as their brothers are simply; and, they want that one-on-one period with daddy also. A recently available study from Baylor University implies that the best father-daughter bonding encounters come through a father playing sport...

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