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Essay on The Chemical and Psychological Effects of Chocolate

In 2013, about 7.4 million tons of chocolate is forecast to be absorbed worldwide, totaling to almost $110 billion (Pardomuan, Nicholson). I could honestly state that I will be among the a lot of people who contribute tremendously to those significant quantities. Chocolate has always been one of the guilty pleasures, causing me to think about myself a "chocoholic." Following 20 decades of eating chocolate, I learned there's much more to chocolate than meets the eye. Many chemicals compose each delicious piece creating multiple emotional effects on the mind. With the wisdom of the substance and mental influences that chocolate has on the human brain and body and my own curiosity as to why I really love it so much, this led me to ask: What makes chocolate believed such a pleasant and craveable food? Prior to looking into the compound and psychological effects of chocolate, it's crucial to go back in time and determine in which chocolate originated. Even in the very beginning chocolate was regarded as a powerful food. The idea of chocolate first started in 1500 BC when the Pre-Olmecs and Mokaya people discovered that the beans which climbed over the cacao trees might be utilised as food (Semenak, "Chocolate in History"). Moving forward to 600, the Mayan and Aztec civilizations used the chocolate beans in a more purposeful manner. The Mayans created a beverage from the beans and drank it during weddings and other major ceremonies. Just those of the highest class may indulge in the Mayans called the "God Food" ("Food: The History of Chocolate"). Likewise the Aztecs made a drink out of the cacao beans, also according to Susan Semenak's 2012 newspaper article, "Chocolate in Background," that the Aztecs used it as a "love potion." Pretty soon, the beans turned into so c.. .

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