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CREATED ON 31st December 2017

William Blake's London and William Wordsworth's Lines Composed on Westminster's Bridge

In this mission I will analyze and compare two poems from the nineteenth century, 'London' composed by William Blake and 'Lines Composed on Westminster Bridge' written by William Wordsworth. Both poets were well known during the eighteenth century, Blake was observed to have better comprehension of the city, therefore represents his remarks from a Londoners point of view, and also on the other hand Wordsworth was more of a country oriented person consequently giving a darker picture of London. Surprisingly, they both shared different perspectives on London, yet they lived in precisely the exact same country with vast knowledge of the area. The differences of the poems are obvious, and to make a legitimate decision on which is either trustworthy or misleading, is considerably tough. The fact that both writers paint contrasting pictures of London, indicates during the period of time, hatred amongst people between distant regions was ordinary. I will explore how both these poets reflect the city by focusing on the vocabulary and poetic techniques used in more detail. To start, I will reveal to you the way William Blake finds London constructing a daunting atmosphere. Generally he was a religious human being, also believed only god was capable of fulfilling demanding tasks. This reflects why he writes about London negatively, so as in the time that the city was full of wealthy and powerful people found to have godlike qualities. This was majorly against Blake's customs. He expresses himself into a powerful nature, since he starts his poem with the 'I', from the outset he engages the reader by making this personal and beneficial relationship. This directs the reader to think what Blake refers is very likely to be accurate as it uses primary information rather than somebody else's point of view. He also writes in pre...

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