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Language and Woman's Place Essay

Physically, men and women are obviously different; that is, men have a larger head and more vocal cords than women perform. From that point, women are stereotyped as being weak, weak, and minority in society. Moreover, in Lakoff's study Language and Woman's Place, she asserts it does not matter whether women talk the way they are assumed and expected to do or not. "If they talk like a lady, they are ridiculed and thought they're not able to think clearly and take part in a significant discussion. If they don't talk like a woman, they're also ridiculed and criticized as unfeminine." (p.6) Another point Lakoff asserts that girls lack power, severity, and optimism. This shows that women are reluctant, tentative, unassertive, and deficient; whereas, men are opposite. Therefore, men and women use language differently. In accordance with Janet Holmes (1995), women use language to establish and develop personal relationships. She states that most of them enjoy and consider talking as the way of keeping in touch, especially with friends and intimates. Women compliment and apologize more than men do. When they talk to somebody, their utterances show concern for the feelings of their interlocutor more often and clearly than men's. Also, they use some devices (questions, phrases: you know) to encourage other people to talk (Holmes 1995, p.2). Lakoff believes that women's language, ma...

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Essays Sylvia Plath
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Article about characteristics that my team and i have discovered
The job of breastfeeding is grounded on selected qualities that every nurse need to uphold to make certain best practice. This newspaper highlights the qualities that my staff and I have got identified as the most important in breastfeeding care, and also discusses the symbolism in our coat of arms to symbolize these attributes. The features that we have recognized are carrying on competency, client-centered care, ethnical competency, and compassion and teamwork.The initial..
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Competency client-centered care
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