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CREATED ON 31st December 2017

Article about Beauty Pageants

Throughout history, humanity has encouraged excellence through principles, neighborhood events, and collectively instilled ideals. Beauty pageants signify these attempts in their endeavor to define femininity and elegance in addition to ever-changing gender roles in the society. Although some believe beauty pageants to be harmless social events that provide national and educational advancement, spawn awareness for charitable causes, and promote confidence, others imply that such competitions confuse social morals, exploit women, and instill insecurity in young women globally. Since their thought, beauty pageants have ventured into better society and those who live within it. Such pageants have assisted in providing educational and national advancement because of their contestants. Pageants "[encourage] the contestants in the pursuit of higher education" via academic scholarships normally available to finalists which further the intellectual advancement of women (Stoeltje). Contestants also get "the symbolic energy of representing the community or nation" in such competitions, offering them the chance to set up national pride to their nation in events such as Miss World (Stoeltje). Their participation frequently brings "the energetic procedure for the creation of gender rolesin reaction to socioeconomic and historical circumstancesinto the public eye, showing contradictions, conflicts, and changes as they're evolving" (Stoeltje). Pageants also spawn awareness for charitable causes in the midst of the advertisement of their competitions. They admit and raise funds for local and national charitable causes as well as churches, colleges, and companies in the community. 1 contest at the Indiana University in Bloomington emph...

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