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Actual Christians by William Wilberforce Essay

1. William Wilberforce modelled Christianity in his own life in lots of ways. He was a passionate abolitionist who worked well to get twenty five years to halt the slave trade (notes). The movie, Amazing Grace, revealed that the monumental involvement Wilberforce led to doing what he can for the slave trade. He once wrote, "Therefore enormous, so terrible, so irremediable did that the trade wickedness look that my own mind was completely made up for abolition. Allow the consequences be what they would: I from that time decided that I wouldn't rest till I had effected its abolition" ("William Wilberforce"). Similarly, he wished to reform British society out of its primitive and barbarous tactics to charitable and offering a care centre known as the SPCA in England for creatures (notes). Wilberforce mastered the British and Foreign Bible Society and the Church Missionary Society. He also wrote A Practical View of Christianity, a manifesto of this enthusiastic, evangelical job in Britain (Belmonte). Wilberforce argued searching for fairness and uprightness, at times even differing his friend, Prime Minister William Pitt. It saddened him to possess a differing of opinion than Pitt, however, Wilberforce believed that "the writer of all moral duties has enjoined us to renounce certain activities, with no inquiry as to reasons or consequences" (Belmonte). Wilberforce desisted from alcohol and practiced tough self-analysis as lawsuit []. He chased the mingling that travelled along with calling ("William Wilberforce"). In his famous book, Real Christianity, Wilberforce insinuated that an individual's earnestness of religion, in addition to the subject of philosophies, are of supreme prominence. In this literary work, he outlines his own private views and defends.

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