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A Character Analysis of James Joyce's The Dubliners Essay

In the assortment of short stories in "Dubliners," James Joyce presents a teenager of the day-to-day lifestyles of working class Irishmen and their personal struggles with the pre-independent societal and personal limitations of Victorian England. The figures of Little Chandler, Eveline, Maria, and Farrington symbolize the specific components of the kaleidoscopic Irish people and their international tendency to stay contained within the limits of the present period of time and in the limitations of their society. Despite life presenting them with opportunities to enhance or alter their living requirements, these people are not ready to move on and are suffocated with their own ambiguity, their belief system, along with their own stereotypes. Joyce's characters illustrate many stereotypes in addition to an assortment of beliefs that Irish people followed, which affected their behaviour and their choices. Many literary critics understand the main reason for the migraines of Dubliners as function as society as a whole with its pervading ethical states (Bloom 90-91). Among the most critical stereotypes, explained by Phillip F. Herring, was the misleading belief one of the Irish population that the advancement of the own lives comes "only through death or emigration" (Bloom 91). This false conviction is introduced in at least 2 Joyce's characters; Eveline and Tom Chandler. Eveline is a nineteen year old girl from the publication of the identical name. Although still quite young, she is taking care of her abusive father and two siblings in return with a roof above her mind. She is used in "shops" under the supervision of Miss Hill, who, similarly to her dad, doesn't show some fondness for and kindness into Eveline. But, there may be a light at th...

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