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The Hand Motif at Steinbeck´s Of Mice and Men Essays

They say you could tell a great deal about a guy by his or her deathbed. In the novella Of Mice And Men, Steinbeck uses hands as a powerful motif to assist us to understand the basis of each of the characters. From the end of the story it all comes together and we're introduced into the ingenious symbol of hands and how it fits together. Lennie's hands, or "paws", inform us that he's powerful yet awkward. These monstrosities represent dangerous dominance. They're like superpowers in that the can either be used for good or for evil. This is revealed multiple times throughout the narrative. As an example, he kills mice by petting them to difficult, kills a puppy by playing with it too aggressively, kills Curly's hand by simply squeezing it too closely, and kills Curly's spouse by yanking her hair to impulsively. Given, he does do an wonderful job hauling barley, but it has a cost. Only the reverse is George. George's hands are modest yet hard, and that's precisely what he's like. He's commanding of Lennie and for great reason. I believe it's cute how George takes good care of his or her toenails. .

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