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Canada in the 1920's Essay

It's difficult to visualize how anybody can describe the 1920's as anything but extraordinary. This was the decade when Canada really began to change in a lot of ways. Many modifications that enable us to live the lives we live now happened throughout the 1920's. When you think back to the 20's, so many things happened that made it roar, including tech, women's rights, entertainment, and more. "Electricity"─ It's a word you did not hear frequently before the 1920's. With the debut of the hydroelectric dam in the early 1920's many taxpayers could now afford power in their homes. Along with this came inventions like the phone, revolutionizing the way that we communicated. Prior to the phone, communication could only happen through email. Based upon the circumstance, that may take 6-7 days. Then came creations like the electric fridge, stove, iron and radio. The radio was a significant innovation in the lives of Canadians. People no longer depended on family and friends for enjoyment. Later in 1925 arrived a radio that did not depend on batteries instead on an electrical current. The radio was cheap, allowing the vast majority of households to manage one in their homes. The 1 thing families could not afford was the vehicle. With the invention of the Model T from Ford, people could manage to purchase it, without having to sell their arms and legs. In fact, the selling of the car was so powerful, that in order to keep up with requirements, he needed to make an assembly line. From the time when the model T was made, parking lots, paved streets, and petrol stations evolved, creating a significant change in the entire world from what it had been before. Women on the other hand were decided it was time for change, in which they decided enough was enough...

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