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Character Instruction and Student Achievement Essay

The objective of the research will be to examine what effect if any the implementation of a character education program has to high school student achievement. Many of the journal articles that I have come across in researching character education and student achievement indicate more of an indirect connection where for example, a rise in pupil achievement is regarded as a product of improved attendance resulting from character education involvement. A vast majority of these articles include studies on the maturation and effectiveness of certain character education programs. Consequently, the research study will concentrate only on character education implementation and student achievement in a bid to ascertain whether a direct correlation exists. A correlational study generally investigates a number of factors thought to be associated with a core factor that's more complicated, such as achievement Gay, Mills & Airasian (2009). Among the key functions of a correlational analysis is to determine these relationships among variables via a relationship study (Favorable, Mills & Airasian, 2009). I intend to gather and utilize data that's already available for example CST scores and grade point averages, both main determinants of measurable student achievement, both prior to the research study and after to be able to find out if there is actually a correlation between character education implementation and student achievement (Gay, Mills & Airasian, 2009, pg. 147). A notable benefit to using a correlational study design is that it enables a research to not only determine whether or not and to what extent a relationship exists between two variables, in addition, it enables investigators to examine hypothesis regarding anticipated associations (Gay, Mills & Airasia...

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