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Article on Virgil's Aeneid

Virgil's Aeneid In literature, the feats of some principal character are defined by the sacrifices he/she makes with respect to those he/she holds dear. This manner, loved ones have been woven into the story to give perspective; they also multiply the joys in addition to the sorrows, allowing the protagonist to experience a wide selection of emotions. In Virgil's Aeneid, an epic story about the legendary founding of Rome, Dido is present to strengthen the character of the protagonist, even Aeneas. Many tragedies befall her during the work, particularly in Book IV, which originally wreak havoc in the reader. But upon further review, the reader understands the value of Dido for defining and developing Aeneas' character, and consequently does not pity her. Nor does the reader condemn Virgil as fixing Dido grossly, because he actually does care about her as a character, so much so that he consents to allowing her to experience tragedy. Dido's misfortunes, and the love she inspires in Aeneas, are essential in order to make an honorable and revered hero in addition to a potent literary work. Although she is initially presented as a powerful and competent ruler of Carthage, Dido's heart was injured before. She's built up walls in order to secure herself from additional pains. Indeed, she has promised to love another guy following the death of her husband Sychaeus: "When he first united me with him took all love from my life; and so it's he who should keep it close to his heart and guard it even in the grave" (97). She vows to stay faithful to her husband by not remarrying. It's in this light which Virgil seems to treat her grossly, because he forces her to break this emptiness and for that reason betray herself and her lo...

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