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Teen Boot Camps - Not the Best Way to Attain Discipline Essay

Boot camps for teenagers have turned into a favorite disciplinary option for parents with teenage children. Frequently suggested by counselors or by state justice systems as an alternative to juvenile detention centers, the boot camps have been stiff military environments. Some are wilderness camps that educate young people survival skills in a military-like surroundings, while some are held nearer to home. Most are state-run in combination with the justice system but most are also privately owned and operated. The boot camps have come under intense scrutiny because of suspicions of abuse and since dozens of teens have died of preventable causes in the camps. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) denounced adolescent boot camps due to the problems associated with them and since boot camps are usually unregulated and unsupervised by outside inspectors. Contrary to the boot camps for adults who consciously enroll in the army, teenage boot camps are highly problematic and inefficient in achieving their objectives. Teens are being given drugs to treat attention deficit disorder and depression with no long-term signs such compounds are secure on growing brains. In the same way, parents are permitting strangers to control the delicate minds, bodies, and souls of their kids in boot camp surroundings. Boot camps expose children to a plethora of physical and psychological stressors, a lot of which can be deadly. At least three dozen teens have died unnecessarily at boot camps and some parents have filed lawsuits (McGraw). Boot camp leaders frequently force the kids in their hands to do things like run in 100-degree heat without water, whilst health complaints are disregarded and dismissed in the title of tough discipline (McGraw). Parents at a.

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